Mizoram's previous Lal Thanhawla-led government neglected voter priorities and performed "poorly and underwhelmingly" on almost all governance parameters, including employment, healthcare, agricultural subsidies and loans, and road infrastructure, said a survey report by the (ADR).

The government ruled for 10 years, before it was defeated in the 2018 elections by the 

The survey found that better employment opportunities, better hospitals/centres, and better roads were the top three priorities for voters. The performance of the was rated below average on all three.

In rural areas, voters were concerned about employment, and agriculture loan availability and the government performed below average on these, the report said.

On a scale of 5, it scored 2.07 on employment, 2.05 on facilities and 1.96 on availability of agriculture loans in rural Mizoram, it said.

"In addition, the government performed poorly in providing better roads (2.04) and agriculture for seeds and fertilisers (2.09) in rural Mizoram," the report stated.

According to the survey, employment, better hospitals/healthcare centres, and better roads were major concerns for urban voters.

"On a scale of 5, the performance of the government on urban voters' priorities of better employment opportunities (2.05), better healthcare centres (1.94) and better roads (1.97) was rated as below average. In addition, the government performed poorly in providing better public transport (2.1) and in empowerment of women and security (2.12) in urban Mizoram," the survey revealed.

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