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According to a study issued by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), at least 42 percent of the 78 ministers in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new Union cabinet had criminal charges pending against them.

According to the study, four of them had charges including attempted murder. PM Narendra Modi assigned portfolios to newly-inducted MPs during their oath-taking ceremony on July 7, during the Union Cabinet Expansion 2021.

In its study of the 17th Lok Sabha’s Union Council of Ministers, ADR referenced election affidavits to show that 33 ministers (42%) have criminal charges pending against them. Of them, 24 ministers (or 31% of the total number of members) are facing significant criminal charges, such as murder, attempted murder, or robbery.\

Also, in its analysis, ADR found that around 90% members of the new Union cabinet (70 ministers) are millionaires, meaning that they have declared total assets amounting to over Rs 1 crore.

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