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    A total of 621 candidates are contesting in the fourth phase. Elections will be held in the fourth phase on 60 assembly seats.

In Uttar Pradesh, the fourth phase of assembly elections is to be held on 60 seats in 9 districts. In the report released by Election Watch and ADR on the candidates, it has been found that the fourth phase is full of candidates with the most criminal image as compared to the three phases. Also 60% of the candidates are graduate and above-educated. In this phase, 29 out of 59 (49%) are sensitive constituencies, where 3 or more candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves.

Some important points of the report:-

Out of 621 candidates who contested on 60 seats, 167 i.e. 27% candidates have given details of criminal cases registered against them in their affidavits. At the same time, 129 means 21 percent of the candidates are facing serious criminal cases.

In the fourth phase, 31 out of 58 (53%) of Congress, 30 out of 57 of Samajwadi Party (53%), 26 out of 59 of BSP (44%), BJP out of 57 (40%) and 45 Out of 11 (24%) AAP candidates, they have declared criminal cases against themselves.

In serious criminal cases, 22 out of 58 of Congress (38%) Samajwadi Party 22 out of 57 (39%), BSP 22 out of 59 (37%), BJP 17 out of 57 (30%) and 45 Out of 9 (20%) AAP candidates have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.

Most cases against SP candidate

In the fourth phase of criminal cases, Samajwadi Party candidate Ravidas Mehrotra from Lucknow Central seat is in first place, who has 22 cases, in second place, Surendra Kumar of Congress party from Balamau assembly of Harodoi district, who has 9 cases and Bahujan in third place. Samaj Party is Jaleesh Khan from Lucknow’s Sarojini Nagar assembly constituency, who has 5 cases registered against him.

BJP has the maximum number of crorepati candidates

Talking about the richest candidates, out of 621, 231 i.e. 37 percent are crorepati candidates in the fourth phase. BJP’s 50 out of 57 (88%), SP’s 48 out of 57 (84%) BSP’s 44 out of 59 (75%), Congress 28 (48%), and 16 out of 45 (36%) %) AAP party candidates are crorepatis, whose declared assets are more than Rs 1 crore.

AAP candidate richest

Among the top 3 candidates who declared maximum assets, AAP’s Lucknow West Vidhan Sabha candidate Rajiv Bakshi is in the first place, who has declared his assets as 56 crores. In second place is Anoop Kumar Gupta of Samajwadi Party from Maholi assembly seat of Sitapur district, whose assets are Rs 52 crore. In third place is Shobhit Pathak from Hardoi assembly seat of Bahujan Samaj Party, who has total assets of 34 crores.


The average assets of candidates in the fourth phase of Uttar Pradesh Election 2022 is Rs 2.46 crore. At the same time, 259 (42%) candidates have declared their liability.


In the fourth phase, 201 (32%) candidates have declared their educational qualification between 5th and 12th. Whereas 375 (60%) candidates have stated their educational qualification as graduation and above. In addition, 4 candidates are diploma holders. 30 literate and 9 candidates are un-educated.

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