ADR's Campus Ambassador, Shreya Maloo, in collaboration with the Centre for Constitutional Law and Governance (CCLG), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL) organised an online lecture on "RTI as a Tool for Electoral Transparency and Accountability" on 11th October 2022. The lecture was delivered by Ms Pankti Jog, Gujarat Coordinator, ADR and Mr Siddhartha Fuller, Assistant Professor of Law, RGNUL, Punjab. Ms Pankti Jog broadly discussed the following issues:

i) RTI as an effective tool vis-à-vis Voters’ right to know

ii) Role of the Election Commission in ensuring free and fair elections

iii) Criminalization of Politics and lack of robust electoral framework in the country

iv) Issues concerning electoral transparency at the grassroots level

Mr Siddhartha Fuller discussed the judgments passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in various Public Interest Litigations pertaining to electoral practices.

The event witnessed more than 50 participants.