The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) in collaboration with Rajasthan Election Watch, has compiled the affidavits of candidates. It states that 22% candidates of Congress have criminal cases pending against them, while 17% of BJP candidates have criminal cases pending cases against them.

Other than criminals favoured in the polls, both main parties have also relied on crorepatis. In BJP, 81% candidates have disclosed assets above Rs 1 crore, while Congress is just behind with 77% of its candidates have declared assets above Rs 1 crore.

“The number of crorepatis is disturbing and becomes dangerous in a bipolar state like Rajasthan which has a two party system, Congress and the BJP ruling one after another. It clearly establishes the relationship between the money and politics. This increasing nationwide trend will soon make have nots politically irrelevant,” said Anil Verma, head of National Election Watch and ADR. The advocacy group has urged the voters to access the affidavits of the candidates contesting in their assembly segments before the vote.

BJP may have an upper edge in number of crorepatis, but Congress scored over in average assets of candidates. The grand old party's average assets were Rs 7.57 crore, while BJP’s average score is Rs 6.88 crore.

The tall claim of transparency and fairness by the parties lay exposed as the affidavits presented states that priority was given to candidates who are filthy rich and those who have muscle power. The astonishing revelation is that four candidates have a serious charge of murder.
When it comes to individual assets, NUZP candidate Kamini Zindal contesting from Ganganagar is leading the rich club by disclosing value of total assets including movable and immovable Rs 287 crore. The richest congress candidate is Parasram Mordia contesting with Dhod in Sikarwith Rs 172 crore, while from the ruling party is Prem Singh Bajore contesting from Neem Ka Thana with Rs 142 crore worth assets.
The report also highlights the poor representation by women in the elections. Off 2,188 candidates, women contestants are just 182. Many candidates have flouted the norms by not disclosing the income of their spouse and children despite the Supreme Court had asked the election commission office to seek such details in the affidavit.
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