An Association for Democratic Reforms report revealed that BJP's income has increased by 81% to Rs. 1,034.27cr in the last year even as the states it rules continue to grow.

Conversely, Congress's income decreased by 14% to Rs. 225cr between 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Based on the Election Commission data, the report compared the total income, expenditure and sources of income of political parties.

In context: How rich are India's political parties?

11 Apr 2018Report: BJP's income jumps 81% and Congress's dips 14%

National partiesWhat did the report reveal about the seven national parties?

The seven national parties -BJP, Congress, BSP, NCP, CPI-M, CPI and TMC declared a total income of Rs. 1,559.17cr and expenditures worth Rs. 1,228.26cr.

Notably, CPI declared the lowest income of Rs. 2.08cr, a negligible 0.13% part of the expenditure by national parties.

Shockingly, despite not being in power, BSP's income increased by 266.32% from Rs. 47.38cr during 2015-16 to Rs. 173.58cr in 2016-17.

How much did BJP and Congress spend last year?

SpendingHow much did BJP and Congress spend last year?

The BJP has declared expenditures of Rs. 710.057cr during 2016-17, of which it spent a whopping Rs. 606.64cr on elections and general propaganda.

Meanwhile, Congress incurred an expenditure of Rs. 321.66cr, which is Rs. 96.30cr more than its total income.

Separately, 70% of BSP's income, 31% of BJP's and CPI's income and 6% of CPI(M)'s was declared unspent.

BJP, Congress declare donations/contributions as a major income source

Both Congress and BJP stated that grant, donations and contributions are one of their main sources of income. So, BJP receives 96.41% of its funds like this and Congress 51.32%. Further, the national parties collected 74.98% of their income from voluntary contributions.

SuggestionsFurther, BJP, Congress, NCP, CPI delayed submitting audit reports

The ADR report also specified that the BJP, Congress, NCP and CPI have consistently delayed submitting audit reports for the past five years.

It asked them to provide details under the Right to Information Act to strengthen democracy.

It asserted that parties which don't provide the information on or before the due date shouldn't be given tax exemption and should be de-recognized.

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