Electoral bonds worth Rs 6,128 crore were sold between March 2018 and October 2019 with majority of them happening in March-May this year when the country was in Lok Sabha election mode.

Of the total electoral bonds sold in 12 editions during this 18 month period, political parties have redeemed bonds worth at least Rs 5,876 crore, excluding October as data for this month is not available.

According to statistics provided by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), electoral bonds worth Rs 4,444 crore worth were sold between March and May this year while parties redeemed bonds worth Rs 4,435 crore.

The highest sale (Rs 2,256 crore) happened in the month of May. Same was the case of redeeming electoral bonds with parties realising Rs 2,251 crore.

Among the cities, Mumbai topped the list with a sale of bonds worth Rs 1,880 crore followed by Kolkata (Rs 1,440 crore) and New Delhi (Rs 919 crore).

In 2018, electoral bonds worth Rs 1,056.73 crore were sold while this year till October, bonds worth Rs 5,071 crore have been sold. The spike in this year is attributed to the Lok Sabha elections.

Electoral Bonds – The Story between March 2018 and October 2019

Number of bonds sold – 12,313

Value of bonds sold – Rs 6,128 crore

Redeemed by parties – Rs Rs 5,876 crore*

* Amount for October 2019 not available

* Of the Rs 6,128 crore sold in 18 months, bonds of Rs 4444 crore were sold between March and April this year when the country was in the run up to Lok Sabha elections as well as during campaigning and polling.

Electoral Bond Sold in Cities

Mumbai – Rs 1,880 crore

Kolkata – Rs 1,440 crore

New Delhi – Rs 919 crore

Other Cities – 1,051 crore

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