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The stage is set for the Rajya Sabha election across the country with February 27th locked as the election date for the 58 RS seats that are vacant in the country.

In this context, 36% of the total contestants – 21 of the 58 have acknowledged that they have criminal cases against them. The average properties and assets of these 58 candidates is Rs 127 crore. This data is compiled by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

12 of the total 58 candidates are crorepatis with over Rs 100 crores declared assets. The richest candidate is Abhishek Sanghvi(Congress) from Himachal Pradesh with declared assets of Rs 1872 crores.

Jaya Bachchan from the Samajwadi Party has Rs 1578 crores in assets. Karnataka JDS’s Kupendra Reddy has 871 crore assets.

Balayogi(BJP) from Madhya Pradesh is the poorest candidate with Rs 47 lakh declared assets.

79% of the candidates are graduates and the majority of them are aged between 51-70. There are 11 female contestants on the list.

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