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The 58 RS seats that are up for grabs will be decided upon on february 27, setting the way for the nationwide rajya sabha election. In this particular scenario, 21 out of the 58 participants, or 36 percent of the total, have admitted to having criminal charges against them. These 58 contestants have an average worth of Rs 127 crore in properties and assets. The Association for Democratic Reforms is the source of this information.
Of the 58 candidates, 12 are crorepatis, having declared assets over Rs 100 crore. With stated assets of Rs 1872 crores, abhishek Sanghvi (Congress) of himachal pradesh is the richest contender. The Samajwadi Party's jaya bachchan is worth Rs. 1578 crores. Kupendra reddy of the karnataka JDS owns assets of 871 crore. With stated assets of Rs 47 lakh, Madhya Pradesh's Balayogi (BJP) is the least wealthy contender. Most of the candidates—79% of whom are graduates—are in the 51–70 age range. On the list are eleven female competitors.
As per the analysis, eight (27 per cent) out of 30 bjp candidates, six (67 per cent) out of nine congress candidates, one (25 per cent) out of four TMC candidates, two (67 per cent) out of three SP candidates, one (33 per cent) out of three YSRCP candidates, one (50 per cent) out of two RJD nominees, one (50 per cent) out of two BJD candidates, and one (100 per cent) BRS candidate have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.

In the last analysis, published in september 2023, 306 (40%) MPs had declared criminal cases, around 194 (25%) MPs have declared serious criminal cases, including cases related to murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, crimes against women et al. Of the aforesaid, 32 MPs have declared cases of ‘attempt to murder’ (IPC Section 307), while 21 MPs have declared cases related to crimes against women. Of these 21, four MPs have declared cases related to rape (IPC Section 376). The total number of sitting MPs in both the lok sabha and rajya sabha were 763. 

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