Shiv Sena has received largest amount of donation among regional political parties in 2015-16,  according to a study of donations to regional parties by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW). 

Sena received a total of Rs 86.84 crore from 143 donations, which is more than four times the total amount of donations declared by 15 other regional parties during the same period.

The total amount of donations above Rs 20,000 declared by the regional parties was Rs 107.62 crore, from 2249 donations. AAP declared receiving Rs 6.605 crore from 1187 donations followed by TDP- Rs 3.10 crore from 75 donations.

Interestingly, AIADMK, BJD, JMM, NPF and RLD have declared receiving NIL donations above Rs 20,000 during FY 2015-16. Out of 48 regional parties, only 22 parties have filed their donation reports for 2015-16 with the Election Commission.

Out of the total donations of Rs 107.62 crore declared by the regional parties, Rs 3.32 crore from 784 donations was received in cash. This formed 3.08 per cent of the total donations to the parties. Maximum donations in cash was declared by PMK which collected a total of Rs 2.65 crore, followed by AAP with Rs 29.56 lakh and Shiv Sena with Rs 27.27 lakh .

All donations in cash from Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh and Malaysia were to AAP. A single donor from Malaysia made 5 donations of Rs 20,000 each in cash to AAP during FY 2015-16 .

84.45% of all donations above Rs 20,000 amounting to Rs 90.89 crore were received via 202 donations from corporate/business houses in FY 2015-16 by regional parties. Shiv Sena declared receiving Rs 86.16 crore from corporate/business houses and Rs 0.68 crore from individual donors.

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