The BJP received 87% of the total amount disbursed by five electoral trusts in 2017-18.

The BJP received 87% of the total amount disbursed by five electoral trusts in 2017-18, according to an Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) analysis of the trusts’ annual reports to the Election Commission. The trusts declared having received a total Rs 194.12 crore from contributors, of which they disbursed Rs 193.78 crore among political parties. Under government rules, an electoral trust has to donate 95% of its earnings to political parties in a financial year.

The BJP received Rs 167.80 crore from three of the five trusts. The BJD received Rs 13 crore from two trusts, the Congress Rs 12 crore from three, the NCP Rs 50 lakh from one trust, and the National Conference Rs 48 lakh from another, the ADR analysis found.

Of 22 electoral trusts registered with the Central Board of Direct Taxation, 13 had submitted their contribution details for 2017-18, and only five of these declared having received any contributions during that year, the ADR said. Satya/Prudent Electoral Trust disbursed the highest amount, Rs 169.30 crore out of Rs 169.31 crore received from donors. Satya/Prudent’s contribution accounted for 87% of the Rs 193.78 crore disbursed by the five trusts. Of this, the BJP received 91% (Rs 154.30 crore).

Among the donors, the highest contribution came from Bharti Airtel Ltd at a fraction over Rs 25 crore, followed by DLF Ltd at Rs 25 crore and UPL Ltd at Rs 22 crore.

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