The West Bengal Assembly election 2021 will begin on March 27 and end on April 29.  As per the schedule released by the Election Commission of India, the polls will be held in eight phases.

With the elections around the corner, it is time for the sitting MLAs to declare their assets and how much they have amassed over the years.

The topics raised by the opposition parties in Bengal this time have revolved around jobs, the economy and employment. While the economic condition of the state is debatable, one thing can be said for certain: The state has no dearth of

According to a report by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and West Bengal Election Watch, out of 282 sitting MLAs analysed, 97(34%) are crorepatis.

The ruling All India Trinamool Congress boasts the highest number of crorepatis  with 78 MLAs out of  205 MLAs, followed by 13 out of 39 MLAs from the Congress, two out of 24 MLAs from CPI(M), two out of 6 MLAs from BJP and one MLA from Revolutionary Socialist Party and one Independent MLA.

The average assets per sitting MLA have been calculated at Rs 1.49 crore.

The average assets per MLA for 205 TMC MLAs analysed is Rs 1.79 crore.

The average assets of the 39 Congress MLAs is Rs 78.30 lakh and that of the 24 CPI(M) MLAs is Rs 43.40 lakh.

The average assets of the six BJP MLAs is Rs 1.32 crore and three Revolutionary Socialist Party MLAs have average assets of Rs 80.34 lakh.

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