Bhopal: As part of the ‘Mera Desh Mera Vote’ campaign of the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), a team of 17 youngsters from Bhopal are travelling to different districts across the state to spread voter-awareness. The youth are mobilizing the crowd to make informed decision while casting their votes.<br/>The first visit of the group started on Thursday covering Harda, Betul, Hoshangabad and Narsinghpur wherein the participants told the voters about importance of casting their votes and knowing the background of the candidates in fray.<div class="_1Hw00 cmtwrapper"></div><br/><div class="ctn-workaround-div clearfix"><div id="div-clmb-ctn-320694-169077029" data-slot="320694" data-position="169077029" data-section="city_bhopal" class="colombia colombia_spacing"></div></div>Organizer of the tour and member of ADR, Rolly Shivhare said various modes of education like street plays and puppet-shows are being organised to educate the voters on various free apps. “We administered pledges to over 7,500 people make an informed choice and vote. We also told them about the apps like ‘My Neta’, ‘Election Watch’ and ‘C Vigil’ using which voters can also register complaints if the see any candidate flout the election rules.”<br/>Joined by the local youths, the participants took out processions raising slogans on importance of voting. The members will be travelling to 28 districts with flash mobs and slogan writing competitions. ADR also conducted a rangoli and cartoon-making competition at colleges in the state capital on Friday.

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