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23 AAP MLAs have criminal records

According to a report by Delhi Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms [ADR], 23 out of the 67 Aam Aadmi Party legislators have declared they have criminal cases against them and 44 out of the 70 MLAs are crorepatis. This was analysed based on the affidavit provided by the MLAs while filing their nominations. The fresh report also revealed the vote share of newly elected MLAs and their  criminal background. 22 MLAs were re-elected in this election too. 

Vote Share:

The average vote share of newly elected MLA is 55 percent.
 55 out of the 70 new MLAs have won the election with a vote share of above 50 percent. 
On an average an MLA won with 22 percent of majority.
The number votes polled for NOTA [None Of The Above] is 35,924 which stands at 0.4 percent.

Criminal Background:

24 out of 70 MLAs have declared the criminal cases against them.
23 new MLAs of AAP have criminal record while one of three BJP MLA too has crime flashback. 

Financial Background:

63 percent new MLAs are crorepatis and this is quite high when compared to 2013 elections. 51 percent in 2013 December elections.
11 out of 70 MLAs have assets above Rs 10 crores.
The average assets per MLA are Rs. 6.29 crores. 
10 MLAs have declared liabilities of Rs. 1 crore and above. 
2 MLAs have declared total annual income of more than Rs. 1 crore. 
5 MLAs have not declared their Income Tax details.

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