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"Bigger donations formed 22 percent of the income of the parties," added Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), based on the data collected from Election Commission of India.

The data of five political parties - Indian National Congress (INC), CPM, Bahujan Samajwadi party, Nationalist Congress Party and Communist Party of India - was analysed to derive the results, ADR coordinator Bhaskar Assoldekar cited.

"The ECI, in its letter dated November 19, 2014 issued to the president/general secretary of all political parties, stated that it was mandatory for the parties to submit details of their audited report to the Commission. This report analyses the total income and expenditure incurred by the national parties during FY14, as declared by the parties in their IT returns submitted to the ECI," he added.

BJP is yet to submit its report to the ECI, it said. The five national parties, whose Income Tax Returns are available in public domain, declared a total income of Rs 844.71 crore, collected from all over India, he mentioned.

The NGO also said Congress declared the maximum income from donations of Rs 64.233 crore, followed by CPM with Rs 60.53 crore and BSP with Rs 48.60 crore.

"Out of the total income of Rs 844.71 crore declared by the national parties during FY14, Rs 188.22 crore was from (bigger) donations/voluntary contributions. This formed 22 percent of the total income of the parties," Assoldekar added.

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