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BHOPAL: The MP Election Watch (MPEW) andAssociation for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have submitted their demands before the Election Commission (EC) after a thorough analysis of the affidavits in the poll fray.

Think tank said the affidavits have been filled in a very causal manner. Property, income, criminal record, education, age and PAN card details have innumerable flaws which are overlooked by the EC. It is imperative that the returning officers of the respective constituencies should scrutinize the affidavits before accepting them.

The ECI hasn't been able to verify the facts submitted in the affidavits even though they have theincome tax, police and others such departments at their disposal. "The EC should scrutinize the candidates' information and reject their applications in case of any discrepancies," the organizations have demanded.

The EC is also hard pressed for time to scrutinize the applications of the candidates which results in overlooking gross errors.

"The commission only had three days for scrutiny which were insufficient for 230 constituencies and more than 2,500 candidates. The EC should increase the time for such inspection," the organizations mentioned in their memorandum.

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