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Even as about 19 ministers in the Manmohan Singh government have not disclosed values of several movable and immovable properties, the declarations of the assets of the council of ministers as of 2011 suggest that on an average a minister's asset value in 2011 is Rs 3.3 crore more than a minister's asset value in 2009.

Analyzing the data and comparing it with the ministers' asset declarations in 2009, the Association for Democratic Reforms and National Election Watch has come out with some startling facts about the powers-that-be.

Some 77% of ministers (59 out of 77) are crorepatis based on their declarations to Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and the average asset value of a minister's assets is Rs 10.6 crore. In 2009, the average asset value of a minister was Rs 7.3 crore indicating that the present ministers on an average are Rs 3.3 crore richer than in 2009. This is in spite of the fact that 19 ministers in their 2011 declarations to PMO have not given the value of several of their movable and immovable assets.

The highest asset increase in terms of rupees has been of Dr. S. Jagathrakshakan of DMK whose assets show an increase of Rs. 64.5 crore in two years i.e from Rs 5.9 crore in 2009 to Rs 70 crore in 2011. He is followed by Mr Praful Patel with an increase of Rs 42 crore which is from 79.8 crore in 2009 to 122 crore in 2011 and Mr Kamal Nath with an increase of Rs 26 crores i.e from Rs 14 crore in 2009 to Rs 41 crore in 2011.

Dr. S. Jagathrakshakan (DMK) tops all ministers in the highest asset increase percentage wise. His assets have grown by a whopping 1092%. He is closely followed by Smt. Panabaka Lakshmi (INC) with a growth of 828% in her assets and Shri Tusharbhai Chaudhary (INC) with a growth of 705%in his assets.

The richest ministers are Mr Praful Patel with assets worth of Rs 122 crore, Dr S. Jagathrakshakan with assets over Rs 70 crore and Mr Kamal Nath with assets valued at Rs 41 crore.

There has been a decrease in the assets of only 15 ministers in 2011 as compared to the assets they declared in 2009. Incidentally, six of them have not given the value of several of their assets.

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