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MUMBAI: A mobile handset is now all you need to get detailed background on an MLA, MP, minister and candidates for the forthcoming elections.

A group called the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and social networking service Facebook have joined hands to provide citizens up-to-date information on candidates to help them make an informed choice ahead of the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections.

Candidates' criminal, financial, educational, professional and other information will be accessible to voters directly on their mobile via Facebook.

Use of USSD technology will make available information at no cost in a simple and efficient manner.

Users have to dial *325# from their mobile to access Facebook and select the election menu-option 6-or directly dial *325*35# to access the election menu for no charge. The information can be accessed through a simple phone as well.

Prof Trilochan Sastry, founder and trustee, ADR, said voters would now be able to choose wisely in elections.

"Even after an election, people will be able to get all details on their MLAs, MPs and ministers," an office-bearer of ADR said. 

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