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LUCKNOW: Association for Democratic Reforms on Wednesday filed a complaint with the Central Information Commission (CIC) against six national political parties, Congress, BJP, CPI, CPI(M), NCP and BSP. It appealed to the Commission to take action against the six parties for not appointing Public Information Officers, as directed by the CIC in it decision dated June 3, 2013.

Central Information Commission in its full-bench verdict had held that these six national political parties were public authorities under the Right to Information Act, 2005. The Commission had further directed the six political parties to appoint Public Information Officers (PIOs/CPIOs) within six weeks and to respond to existing RTIqueries within the next four weeks. "The six parties have not complied with the CIC even after more than six months. By doing this political parties are defying the decision of a statutory authority," said ADR in a press statement.

The CIC had given its decision after hearings complaints filed by the ADR and RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agarwal. Now, ADR along with another Agarwal have filed a complaint against non-compliance of the order and asked Commission to take necessary action as required under law. "This behavior is akin to contempt of court. Such acts by these national parties can be precarious to democracy and interest of the public at large," they said.

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