New Delhi

The Centre told the Supreme on Monday that political parties can't be brought under the Right to Information Act, as it would adversely affect their internal workings.

The government said that the proposal of declaring political parties as the public authority is replete with danger, as political rivals may misuse it for settling political scores.

The Centre had filed its response in compliance with an apex court order that asked the former why parties should not be brought within RTI ambit to make them more accountable to public.

The apex court had sought a response from the centre on a PIL filed by an NGO Association for Democratic Reforms seeking court direction to make political parties amenable to the RTI Act.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan, appearing for the petitioner, contended that national parties are virtually funded by the state as they are exempted from filing returns.

Bhushan said they would have to deposit 35 per cent of donation received by them had they not been exempted. He said that it shows that they are being funded by the government, making them liable to come under the RTI Act.

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