The Economic Times
New Delhi

NEW DELHI: Congress on Tuesday rejected the CIC order on bringing political parties under RTI ambit, contending that such "adventurist" approach would harm democratic institutions.

"It is not acceptable. We totally disagree with it. Such adventurist approach will create a lot of harm and damage to democratic institutions," AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi told reporters here.

The Central Information Commission (CIC) yesterday held that the parties are public authorities and answerable to citizens under RTI Act.

The CIC, a quasi-judicial body, has said that six national parties Congress, BJPNCPCPI-M, CPI and BSPhave been substantially funded indirectly by the central government and they have the character of public authority under the RTI Act as they perform public functions.

After the order of the full bench of CIC, the parties will be answerable to the citizens regarding their source offunding, how they spend money and choice of candidates for elections, among other issues.

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