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The CPI-M Sunday said it had nothing to hide about its income and related details after a published report claimed that a major share of its income was from "unknown" sources.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist described as "confusing" the reports based on a statement of the Association for Democratic Reforms, an NGO.

The CPI-M said all political parties were legally bound to submit their statement of accounts including income and expenditure as well as a list of donors who give more than Rs.20,000.

It said the CPI-M had been doing this regularly before the Election Commission and the income tax department.

"The CPI-M had complied the provisions of law and disclosed the addresses of the donors who donated above Rs. 20,000. 

"This has been mischievously interpreted that the major share of the income of the party is from 'unknown' sources and it has not disclosed the sources of its major share of income."

At present, CPI-M has more than one million members.

It said a majority of its donors were from the poorer sections who donate only small amounts and far below Rs.20,000 or even Rs.1,000. 

"The party has nothing to hide about the details of its income or about the list of donors... 

"But the party faces practical difficulties to publish the names and addresses of more than one million party members and other millions of donors and their contributions."

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