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Out of 248 candidates put up by major political parties in the fifth phase of election, 76, i.e, 31% have criminal cases pending against them. A total of 118 (47%) candidates are crorepatis. These statistics have been released by the National Election Watch after analysing the affidavits of the candidates.

The fifth phase polling will be on February 23 for 49 constituencies covering 13 districts. The Samajwadi Party has fielded 48 candidates in this phase, of whom 24 (50 %) have criminal records. Congress has fielded 14 (29 %), BJP 13 (28 %) and BSP 12 (24 %).

As many as 35 candidates have been booked for serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery and extortion. While SP has fielded 12 candidates with serious charges, Congress has eight, and BJP and BSP five each.

Among major parties, average assets per candidate of BSP is Rs 1.54 crore, Congress Rs 3.74 crore, SP Rs 2.28 crore, BJP Rs 2.17 crore and JD (U) Rs 1.19 crore.

About 61% candidates (153 of 248 analysed) are graduates and above.

Out of 840 candidates contesting in fifth phase, only 90 (11%) are women. BSP has fielded four women, BJP nine, Congress four and SP five.

Analysis of 26 MLAs recontesting in the fifth phase showed that their average growth of their assets between 2007 and 2012 was Rs 1.70 crore, i.e, an increase of 126%.

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