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A minister in Karnataka in 2008 was, on average, more than seven times richer than what she or he had been in 2004, the year the Congress lost its majority in the assembly but continued to be in power for two more years, according to a survey.

The research has found that the worth of assets of a minister in Karnataka in 2008 was Rs. 6.96 crore.

Fourteen of the 24 ministers analysed also held office in 2004, when the worth of assets of each minister was Rs.91 lakh.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW), which are carrying on a nationwide study, have also found that Karnataka MLAs are richer than their counterparts in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, with their average assets being valued at Rs. 5.98 crore.

 Congress MLA Priya Krishna, with assets of Rs. 767.61 crore, is the richest MLA in the state.

The ADR and NEW have been working on electoral reforms, deepening democracy and improving governance in India.

Among the 24 ministers analysed, one is a member of the legislative council (upper chamber of the state legislature) while the rest are MLAs.

Anand Singh of the BJP has the highest assets — Rs. 88.66 crore — among the Karnataka cabinet ministers, followed by V Somanna, with assets worth Rs. 10.99 crore.

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