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New Delhi: The complete information regarding the political leader of your region is just a click away. From his education qualification to property and income details all could be known through an application.

The 'Association of Democratic Reforms' (ADR) has taken the initiative to compile the information about all the political leaders and forward them to the common people, so that before exercising their electoral right the voters can take a wise decision and vote for the deserving candidate in the elections.

The association prepared an app--ADR-- through which anyone can get information about the political leader of their constituency, state or the country.

In order to get the information about the concerned leader, one just need to write the name of the leader, name of the constituency along with the pin-code and send it to 09246556070 or 56070. Instantly the user will receive all the information about the leader. While information would also be available by calling on a toll-free number 1800-110-440. 

Moreover one can also download the ADR application from the Google play store and will get the information about the political leaders across the world.

“The app is an initiative from ADR just to make aware the voters across the country to make a right choice. The ADR is trying to help people through this app so that the electorate could know about the misdeeds, education and wealth of the minister.” ADR coordinator Jaskeerat Singh said.

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