Around 12K NRIs to Vote for the First Time in History: This Lok Sabha election will feature a set of historic first that will herald a new electoral pattern. Out of which, around 12,000 Non-Resident Indians registered as voters will be able to exercise their voting rights for the very first time. Such considerable number of NRI voters indicates that though they are miles away from the country, they are still very much interested in their homeland’s affairs.

Among the Indian states, Southern state like Kerala witnesses the highest number of NRI voters as compared to other states. The voting eligibility of the overseas Indians came after the amendment of The Representation of the People Bill in 2010. According to it, they are eligible to practice their franchise right if he or she does not hold citizenship of any other country.

Election Watch Reporter: The EC launched a citizen-reporting tool called Election Watch Reporter, an Android-based application developed by the National Election Watch. This app will be deployed by the Election Commission in the upcoming polls to keep a check on malpractices like bribing of voters in the form of liquor distribution, cash and also excessive spending by candidates. This tool will enable citizens to capture photographic evidence with accurate GPS location and time of any offense in and around elections and report it instantaneously to the nearest election commission observers.

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