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Though Mizoram's economy grew 10.37 % in 2013 which is more than double the national figure of five percent, it is miniscule compared to the steep rise in leaders' assets over the past five years.

The average increase in assets of 66 of the 140 candidates, who were in the fray in 2008 and are re-contesting elections to the state assembly that would go to polls Nov 25, is 250 %.

In real terms, the average assets of these 66 candidates fielded by different parties in 2008 was Rs.74,54,894which has increased to Rs.2,61,26,335, registering an average increase of Rs.1,86,71,441.

A total of 36 MLAs of the outgoing House who are re-contesting have recorded an increase of 217 %. In 2008, they had average assets of Rs.82.81 lakh which has shot up to Rs.2.62 crore, an average increase of Rs.1.79 crore.

This is the picture that has emerged from the asset details released by the Mizoram Election Watch and Association of Democratic Reforms based on the declarations given by these candidates along with their nomination papers.

The assets of three MLAs including Congress' Pu Lalthanhawla and John Rotluangliana and C. Ramhluna of the Mizo National Front have gone through the ceiling. Lalthanhawla recorded an increase of Rs.6.92 crore (from Rs.2.22 crore in 2008 to Rs.9.15 crore in 2013). Similarly, Rotluangliana declared an increase of Rs.5.40 crore (from Rs.1.03 crore in 2008 to Rs.6.44 crore in 2013).

Ramhluna has left all agape after registering an impressive asset increase of Rs.5.14 crore. His declared assets in 2008 were Rs.15.33 lakh which jumped to Rs.5.33 crore in 2013.

And regarding criminal credentials, only three of the 142 candidate in the race have declared cases against them. Of these, two have cases pertaining to serious offences against them.

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