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Are you curious about your local corporator, MLA or politician's criminal record? Read on to know how you can quickly and accurately investigate your political representative online

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Informed decisions are the cornerstone to an effective democracy. However, recent reports by the National Election Watch (NEW) and Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) reveal that about one third of the Indian polity has criminal cases registered against them. It does make one question the integrity of their political representative.

Recognising this very dilemma, civil and political rights organisations, through the use of technology, have made it easier for interested citizen to access politicians' records. All you need is a computer, mobile and an internet access to find out what your political candidate has been up to.

Here are five popular websites that help you judge and decide who you may want to be your spokesperson in the government:

A website by ADR, it gives you detailed information on the criminal track records of political candidates from across national constituencies. It also provides all other information such as education, financial record and everything else that you may need to know to make an informed political decision. What's more; is that they also have an android app to facilitate the politically aware users on the go!

This city specific website provide information to the citizens of Mumbai to select the right candidates. It is extremely popular among the city's first-time voters. The website caters to, what they call, the demand and supply theory, by making available to the voters, key information about their political leaders and facilitating democracy.

This organisation releases regular reports and studies on various civic issues that concern the public directly. Also Mumbai specific, their website provides information on elected representatives of the city along with other details pertaining to respective wards across the city.

An independent encyclopedia for the political heads of the nation, they provide detailed insights on elected leaders, along with detailed information on major political events and election reports. Their goal is to educate the India votes with the use of interactive content and information.

A comprehensive database on every imaginable election data available under the sovereignty of India, their website provides an easy search option to sieve through information cornucopia. It is an extremely useful resource for those who are looking to update their civil and political knowledge, election and otherwise.


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