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Almost one-third of sitting Lok Sabha members and an equal number of MLAs in various states are facing criminal charges, a study by an NGO favouring electoral reforms has said.

The nation-wide survey, done by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), was undertaken in view of the forthcoming polls in five states and the general elections later, a release by the NGO said today.

The survey was undertaken in relation to 62,847 candidates who had contested the polls since 2004 for the Lok Sabha and Assembly seats in various seats.

“Out of these 62,847 candidates, 11,063 (18 per cent) candidates have declared criminal cases against them while 5,253 (eight per cent) candidates have serious criminal charges. Thirty per cent or 162 out of the total 543 MPs in the current Lok Sabha are facing criminal charges, while 76 face serious charges.

“Moreover, 1,258 (31 per cent) MLAs are facing criminal charges across India. While 23 per cent of those with serious criminal records won, only 12 per cent of the candidates without criminal records won,” the ADR analysis said.

It said these trends indicate that those with criminal records were better oriented for a win at the hustings.

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