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NEW DELHI: Political funding continues to be largely based on cash transactions indicating a high presence of black money in the process. A study by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said that while over 60% of funds collected in the 2009 assembly polls in Maharashtra and Haryana were in cash, spending by the political parties was to large extent in cheque or demand draft. 

In Maharashtra the total funds collected by political parties was Rs 81.07 crore of which 61.7% or Rs 50.02 crore was collected by cash and 34.85% or Rs 28.25 crore was collected by cheque or DD. While Congress declared the maximum amount of Rs 36.12 crore, CPM declared the least amount of Rs 0.13 crore and BSP's declared that it did not collect any funds. 

Out of the total expenditure of Rs 69.79 crores declared by National and regional parties, expense of Rs 59.33 crores (85%) was incurred in cheques, while Rs 8.9 crores (13%) was spent in cash. 

For its publicity parties spent the lion's share or Rs 40.19 crores (65%) on advertisement, Rs 15.53 crore (or 25%) on electronic media and Rs 4.58 crore (or 7%) on cut outs, hoardings. Travel expenses too took up some amount (Rs 7.72 crore) of which they spent Rs 6.85 crore on aircrafts and helicopters.

In comparison the amount collected by political parties in Haryana was Rs 15.74 crore of which Rs 11.77 crores (or 74.78%) was collected in cash and Rs 2.31 crores (or 14.67%) was collected by cheque or demand draft. 

The total spending amounted to Rs 15.87 crore which included Rs 6.56 crore (41.34%) in cash, while Rs 9.09 crore (57.25%) was incurred in cheque or demand draft. 

Of this 77% of the total expenditure was on publicity, 20% on candidates, 2% on travel expenses and 1% on miscellaneous expenses. Congress, INLD and HJC (BL) declared the maximum amount of their election expenditure on publicity. So while Congress spent Rs 7.62 crore, INLD spent Rs 1.98 crore and HJC (BL) spent Rs 1.66 crore on publicity. Political parties of Haryana collectively spent Rs 5.47 crore (or 45.58%) on electronic media, Rs 4.93 crore (or 41.08%) on advertisement and Rs 0.595 crore (or 4.95%) on printed material 

The maximum amount spent on travel was by INLD - a total of Rs 19.95 lakh, followed by BJP which spent Rs 9.89 lakh on travel. 

INLD was the only political party from Haryana to incur expenditure on helicopters and aircrafts. It spent 100% of its travel expenditure (Rs 19.95 lakh) on helicopters and aircraft hiring charges. 

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