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Phase two of the Uttar Pradesh elections will see a whopping 118 candidates with a criminal background. The details released by the Association for Democratic Reforms reveals that out of the 337 candidates analysed for the second phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, 118 candidates have declared criminal cases against them. Vicky Nanjappa reports.

In the 2007 assembly elections for UP, 28 per cent candidates had declared criminal cases against themselves.

Among these candidates are: Mokhtar Ansari (Quami Ekta Dal, contesting from Mau and Ghosi constituency) has declared maximum number of criminal cases. He has declared 15 criminal cases including 9 serious Indian Penal Codes.

He is followed by Upendra (Samajwadi Party, Phephana constituency) and Javed Iqbal (Bahujan Samaj Party, Kushi Nagar constituency), who have declared 11 and 5 criminal cases respectively.

Among major parties, every party has given tickets to candidates who have declared criminal cases.

SP has 30 out of 59 (51 per cent), BSP has 23 out of 59 (39 per cent), the Bharatiya Janata Party has 20 out of 55 (36 per cent), Indian National Congress has 19 out of 59 (32 per cent), the Peace Party has 8 out of 35 (23 per cent), Janata Dal-United had 12 out of 50 (24 per cent), candidates with declared criminal cases.

Out of these, 55 (16 per cent) have declared serious criminal cases such as murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery and extortion etc.

BJP has 9 , BSP has 10 , SP has 12 , Peace Party has 3 , INC has 10 , JD-U has 7, Quami Ekta Dal has 2 and Apna Dal has 1 such candidates.


A total of 138 candidates out of 337 analysed for the second Phase; 41 per cent are crorepatis. In 2007, there were 22 per cent crorepati candidates.


The candidates with maximum assets in second Phase is Shah Alam of BSP from Mubarakpur constituency with assets worth 54.44 crore followed by Subhash of SP from Saidpur with 35.32 crore and Narendra Mani Tripathi of INC from Gorakhpur Urban constituency with assets worth 27.88 crore.


Six candidates have declared assets less than 1 lakh. A total of 10 candidates declared liabilities of 70 Lakhs and above.


Among major parties, the average asset per candidate for SP is 2.13 crore; for BSP is 3.38 crore; for the BJP is 1.24 crore; for the INC is 1.68 crore; for the Peace Party is 2.03 Crores; for the JD-U is 61.02 lakh, Quami Ekta Dal is 1.36 crore and Apna Dal is 13.68 lakh.


Two hundred and twelve candidates are graduates or with higher educational qualifications.


Out of 1,098 candidates, only 76(7 per cent) candidates are women; the number of women candidates for BSP is 2(3 per cent) out of 59, for BJP it is 6(11 per cent) out of 55, INC it is 8(14 per cent) out of 59 and SP it is 5(8 per cent) out of 59.


Number of re-contesting members of Legislative Assembly --34.


The average assets of these MLAs as declared in 2007 was Rs 86,17,386 (86 lakh); and the average declared in 2012 is Rs 2,47,58,021 (2.47 crore).


Average asset growth for these re-contesting MLAs is Rs 1, 61, 40,634 (1.61 crore), while the average percentage growth in assets is 187 per cent.


Sarvesh Kumar Singh of BSP from Azamgarh has the highest increase in assets at around Rs 8.81 crore, followed by Pramod of BSP from Deoria with an asset increase of Rs 4.51 crore and Rajkumar of BSP from Ghazipur constituency with an asset increase of Rs 4.38 crore.


The highest percentage increase (1,934 per cent) has been for Umesh Pandey of BSP from Madhuban constituency. His assets rose from 5.58 lakh in 2007 to 1.13 crore in 2012.


He is followed by Madho Prasad of INC from Chauri-chaura constituency with a percentage increase of 1,025 per cent (6.90 lakh in 2007 to 77.62 lakh in 2012) and Sarvesh Kumar Singh of BSP from Azamgarh constituency with an increase of 887 per cent (99.42 lakh in 2007 to 9.81 crore in 2012).


Uma Shanker of the BSP has the highest annual income at Rs 5.54 crore followed by Shah Alam of the same party at Rs 1.03 crore, Jetendra (BSP) at Rs. 1.02 crore and Suresh (BSP) at Rs. 75.46 lakh as per their last filed Income Tax Returns.

A total of 166 candidates have declared that they have never filed income tax returns.

Out of the 166 candidates who have never filed income tax returns, BSP has 19 (32 per cent) out of 59 candidates, BJP has 23 (42 per cent) out of 55 candidates, SP has 34 (58 per cent) out of 59 candidates and INC has 25 (42 per cent) out of 59 candidates, Peace Party has 18(51 per cent) out of 35 candidates and JD (U) has 35(70 per cent) out of 50 candidates who have not filed IT Returns.

The top three candidates with maximum assets but who have never filed IT returns are Narendra Mani Tripathi of INC contesting from Gorakhpur Urban with total assets of Rs 27.88 crore, followed by Mashhoor Alam of the BSP from Khalilabad with assets of Rs 5.07 crore and Shabeer of Peace Party from Rasara with Rs. 4.20 crore respectively.

Seventy-eight (23 per cent) candidates have not declared their PAN details of which 20 are from JD-U 14 are from INC, 14 from SP, 9 from BJP, 8 from Peace Party, 5 from BSP, 5 from Quami Ekta Dal and 3 are from Apna Dal.a

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