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PUDUCHERRY: Despite many allegations of distribution of money during the recent election, the average expenses of Puducherry's new MLAs stood at Rs 3.12 lakh, a mere 39% of the expense limit of Rs 8 lakh set by the Election Commission.All candidates submitted their election expenses to the EC recently. Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW), which prepared a report based on the details, raised doubts about the authenticity of the declarations. They asked the EC to investigate the election expenses of candidates.ADR and NEW, which launched a nationwide campaign on electoral reforms and improvement of democratic practices, said that the average expenses of the 15 MLAs from All India NR Congress was Rs 3.54 lakh. The Congress MLAs spent Rs 2.77 lakh, DMK MLAs Rs 2.97 and AIADMK MLAs Rs 2.25 lakh for their campaigns. The lone independent MLA spent Rs 4.05 lakh.Twenty one MLAs have said that they have spent less than Rs 4 lakh and two MLAs spent more than Rs 5 lakh. E Valsaraj (Congress) spent Rs 5.3 lakh and G Nehru alias Kuppusamy (AINRC) Rs 5.12 lakh. Three AINRC MLAs M Chandrakasu (Rs 4.49 lakh), PR Siva (Rs 4.44 lakh) and V Sabapathy alias Kothandaraman (Rs 4.41 lakh) were among the candidates who spent more than Rs 4 lakh.Six MLAs claimed that they have not spent any amount on public meetings and processions. Seven MLAs claimed that they have not spent anything on campaigning through the electronic or print media.

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