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BHOPAL: More than 20 per cent — 30 out of the 140– candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections from constituencies that go to the polls on April 17 are crorepatis. The three richest candidates are Congressmen. All the 10 candidates of the Congress are crorepatis while 80 per cent candidates of the BJP are crorepatis. The association for Democratic Reforms ( ADR) and Madhya Pradesh Election Watch have analysed the affidavits of the candidates.

The ten Lok Sabha seats which will go to the polls on April 17 are Tikamgarh, Gwalior, Damoh, Morena, Bhopal; Guna, Bhind, Rajgarh, Khajuraho, and Sagar The candidates and their total assets are Jyotiraditya Scindia of Congress from Guna ( Rs 33 cr), Kamlesh Kumar of Congress from Tikamgarh ( Rs 32 crore), Ashok Singh of Congress from Gwalior ( Rs 28 crore), Anup Mishra of BJP from Morena ( Rs 11 crore), Dr Govind Singh of Congress from Morena ( Rs 6 crore), Raja Pateria of Congress from Khajuraho ( Rs 5 crore), Nagendra Singh of BJP from Khajuraho ( Rs 4 crore), Prahalad Singh Patel of BJP from Damoh ( Rs 3 crore), Govind Singh Rajput from Sagar ( Rs 3 crore), Rodmal Dagar of BJP from Rajgarh ( Rs 2 crore), Mahendra Pratap Singh of Congress from Damoh ( Rs 2 crore), PC Sharma of Congress from Bhopal ( Rs 2 crore), Saroj Katiyar Kurmi of BSP from Sagar( Rs 2 crore), Laxmi Narain adav of BJP ( Rs 2crore), Phool Singh Baraiya of Bahujan Sangharsh Dal from Bhind ( Rs 2 crore), Bhagirath Prasad of BJP from Bhind ( Rs 2 crore) and Alok Sharma of BSP from Gwalior ( Rs 2 crore).

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