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Panaji: The central government on Monday revealed three names—Dabur's Pradip Burman, bullion trader Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya and Goa's Timblo Pvt Ltd—in the black money case. Timblo Pvt Ltd faces prosecution along with its directors Radha S Timblo, Chetan S Timblo, Rohan S Timblo, Anna C Timblo and Mallika R Timblo.

Radha Timblo, the managing director of Timblo Enterprises and Timblo Pvt Ltd (TPL), which operate under the aegis of Satish Timblo Group of Companies, is a lightweight in Goa's mining industry circles. But she is part of one of Goa's powerful mining families—Timblos.

This is the second time her name has cropped up in the media for the wrong reason. The first time was when the Supreme Court's central empowered committee (CEC) submitted to the SC its report on illegal mining in Goa. The report named Radha and her son, Chetan Timblo, for allegedly illegally taking over mines belonging to Badrudin Bavani (Mawani).

Radha is virtually unknown and keeps a very low profile and is mostly seen in media coverage of social events only with her immediate family. Speaking to the media on Monday, all Radha said was that she needs to study details of the government affidavit on black money before reacting.

Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has stated that an analysis of the donations made by individuals and corporates to national parties between 2004-05 and 2011-12 shows that Timblo Private Limited donated nine times to BJP amounts totalling 1.18crore, and three times to Indian National Congress (INC) amounts totalling 65lakh.

TPL's story dates to the time of Portuguese rule in Goa. Differences between the three sons of miner, Datta Camotim Timblo, led them to split the company they had collectively set up—Sociedade Timblo Irmaos Ltda. Three mining companies were thus born—eldest son Gurudas Timblo's TPL, Pandurang Timblo's Panduronga Timblo Industries and Modu Timblo's Fomento Group.

The 60 mining leases of the parent company were equally distributed among these three firms.

Gurudas's younger son, Satish, married Radha. After Satish's death 15 years ago, Radha remarried Bicholim-based Dr Mukul Mahatme. Radha has retained her surname from the first marriage, Timblo. With Satish, she has three sons—Chetan, Rohan and Tejan.

Chetan looks after the mining business of which Radha is the MD. Chetan is widely known in the Page 3 circuit.

The Fomento group is today one of the leading mining companies of Goa and is headed by Avdhut Timblo and the second largest exporter of iron ore from the state. It is believed that Radha and her family do not share a cordial relationship with Avdhut and his family.

TPL owns mining leases in various places, including Codli and Dignem in Dharbandora and Bicholim talukas; Tollem, near Uguem in Sanguem; Capxem and Maina in Sanvordem and Bicholim talukas respectively; and Cavrem in Sanguem taluka.

Before mining came to a halt in Goa in September 2012, TPL and Timblo Enterprises had exported 2.4 million tonnes of iron ore to Japan, China and Europe in 2011-12. It is learnt that the Tollem mine—the lease is in the name of Kunda Gharse—supplied most of the ore exported by Timblo Enterprises. The Cavrem lease is held by B H Mawani on partnership basis, and figures in the CEC report.

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