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The 108 MLAs reelected in the Maharashtra elections have declared a hike of 157 per cent in their assets, in effect multiplied it two-and-a-half-times, from Rs 582.72 crore in 2009 to Rs 1,498 crore in 2014. Though these MLAs account for only 37.5 per cent of the 288-member house, their wealth constitutes 48 per cent of the total wealth of the elected members — Rs 3,130 crore.

Party-wise, the biggest increase of 230 per cent has been registered by the 20 reelected MLAs of the NCP, from Rs 90.4 crore in 2009 to 298.67 crore. They are followed by the Shiv Sena’s 22 MLAs who have registered a 217 per cent growth from Rs 60.28 crore to Rs 191.13 crore, then by the BJP’s 35 reelected MLAs whose assets have grown 193 per cent from Rs 195.56 crore to Rs 573.45 crore.

The Congress MLAs have increased their wealth 161 per cent from Rs 73.7 crore to Rs 192.61 crore. The least increase in wealth has been of the nine independents and other parties’ MLAs, 49.14 per cent from Rs 162.78 crore to Rs 242.78 crore. The wealth of all members, reelected, newcomers and returnees, has grown 120 per cent from Rs 1,480 crore in 2009.

There have been constant demands from citizens’ groups that elected representatives should be asked to show how their assets have grown and how they have funded the purchase of new assets.

“There is a growing need now that elected representatives should also be asked to disclose how they fund the purchase of assets,” said Professor Jagdeep Chhokar, founder member, National Election Watch, Association for Democratic Reforms.

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