New Delhi

The Delhi Assembly Elections are approaching near, and the fate of Delhi and its political leaders is going to be decided soon. Here comes a website dedicated to the Indian who wants to make an informed choice about their political leaders.


The elections watchdog, National Election Watch and Association for Democratic Right s have come forward with a website for the upcoming Assembly polls. This website offers all information related to criminal, financial and other details about the neta. The website also available in Hindi making it easy for every user to access information.


Some of the information that you will get on the website can be seen in the screenshot above, which is from the Delhi 2013 webpage.


In case you want the details of your neta the ahelpline have also been started. You can get complete details of your Neta by calling the number 1800-110-440. This helpline works from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. You can also send SMS at 9246556070 in the format - MYNETA <constituency name> or MYNETA <pincode>

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