(Note:Ministers, Chief Ministers, Speakers, leader of opposition, etc are exempted from signing the attendance register. The details in the excel are based on the data provided by the legislatures in response to the RTI having the questions given below. MLAs attendance when they are in the above mentioned roles is shown as Zero in these reports)

Association for Democratic Reforms(ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) had filed RTIs to all the Assembly Secretariats asking for the information pertaining to the performance of the MLAs of the Outgoing Assemblies. The following Information was recieved from the five outgoing assemblies i.e. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pudducherry, Assam and WestBengal.

  1. Attendance of the MLAs in the Assembly.
  2. Number of Questions asked by the MLA
  3. Total number of days the Assembly was in session
  4. Total number of days it was adjourned
  5. The average attendance in the sessions
  6. Total number of bills passed
  7. Time spent in discussing bills/disruptions

Press Release and other documents based on Performance of MLAs and Assemblies of states going to Poll.

Press Release

Kerala MLAs Performance Data

Tamil Nadu MLAs Performance Data

Puducherry MLAs Performance Data

Assam MLAs Performance Data

Few Clarifications:

1. The RTIs were filed in early dec 2010 with all the assembly secretariats. We have received data  in bits and pieces which we have used for this press release.

2. We have not received any information on records of MLAs from West Bengal Legislative Assembly. The PIO has been telling us that they are still processing this information. As soon as we receive this information we will share with everyone.

3. Several MLAs  of Tamil Nadu and other states are being shown as having zero (or very low) attendance in the spreadsheet. The most likely reason for this is that the ministers, chief ministers, and leader of opposition are exempt from signing the attendance register and may not have signed the register at all when holding one of these offices.

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