Analysis based on declared pending criminal cases:

  • 13% of the contesting candidates (879 out of 6870 candidates) from five states had self declared pending criminal cases as per their affidavits during 2008 assembly elections. 394 (6%) candidates in 2008 assembly elections have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.
  • 21% of MLAs (128 out of 607 MLAs) from these five states have self declared pending criminal cases. 47 MLAs had declared serious criminal cases against themselves.
  • Delhi has maximum percentage (43%) of MLAs with declared criminal cases against them followed by Madhya Pradesh(25%) among the five states.
  • Madhya Pradesh has highest percentage (11%) of MLAs with serious criminal cases followed by Delhi and Chhattisgarh with 9%. Mizoram, with 7% has the lowest percentage of MLAs with criminal cases among the five states.
  • Among major parties INC had fielded 30% tainted candidates in Delhi, 31% in Madhya Pradesh during 2008 Assembly elections. BJP had given tickets to 35% candidates with criminal cases in Delhi while 22% tainted candidates were given tickets in 2008 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.
  • 38% of MLAs from INC from Delhi and 46% of MLAs from BJP in Delhi have criminal cases against them. In Madhya Pradesh 34% of INC MLAs and 20% of MLAs of BJP have self declared criminal cases.
  • NEW and ADR demand that all political parties should give tickets to taint free candidates during these upcoming elections.

Analysis based on assets: 

  • 264 (43%) MLAs out of the 607 analysed from the five states are crorepatis while 837 (12%) candidates out of 6870 were crorepatis.
  • Delhi has the highest percentage (69%) of crorepati MLAs followed by Rajasthan with 46% crorepati MLAs and Madhya Pradesh with 38%.

 Analysis based on gender

  • Out of 7520 candidates contested during 2008 assembly elections in five states, only 8% (564) were women candidates. Lowest percentage of women candidates were fielded in Mizoram (4%), while Delhi and Chhattisgarh states recorded 9%women candidates which was the highest among the five states.
  • Out of 630 MLAs from the five state assemblies only 67 (11%) are women. Rajasthan has the highest percentage of women MLAs (14%), while Mizoram assembly has no women representation. Delhi has only 4% women MLAs.
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