Event Name Date City Location Topic Read More
Youth Workshop by West Bengal Election Watch 12.03.2021 Labpur, Birbhum Responsible Use of Social Media Read More
Elocution Contest 09.03.2021 Madras School of Social Work Free & Fair Election Campaigns Read More
Webinar by West Bengal Election Watch 08.03.2021 Online Women & Good Governance Read More
ADR's Webinar on Women's Day 08.03.2021 YouTube & Facebook Live Women Representation in Electoral Politics: A lack of political will? Read More
Defend Democracy 06.03.2021 Online Are India's Elections Free & Fair? Read More
Interactive Session by MIT School of Government 01.03.2021 Zoom Webinar Impending Electoral Reforms: Who will bell the cat? Read More
Webinar by West Bengal Election Watch 28.02.2021 Facebook Live Public Awareness on Cyber Security Prior to Election Read More
ADR's Webinar on Electoral Bonds 24.02.2021 YouTube & Facebook Live Electoral Bonds: A case of collective institutional complicity? Read More
Poetry Writing Competition 22.02.2021 Online Value of NOTA Read More
Talk on "Electoral Reforms in India" 18.02.2021 Zoom Webinar Electoral Reforms in India Read More
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