February 2020
Date Title Source
11.02.2020 SC Refuses to Grant Interim Stay on Electoral Bonds, Seeks... View
11.02.2020 Modi’s Party Earned More Last Year Than All Its Rivals... View
11.02.2020 44 Bills tabled in 6th Delhi Assembly till Feb 2019 passed... View
11.02.2020 Sixth Delhi Assembly's record: 44 legislations, 34... View
11.02.2020 44 Bills tabled in Assembly: ADR View
11.02.2020 Petition over electoral bonds in Supreme Court on January 20 View
11.02.2020 BJP doubled its income in FY19; Made over twice than that... View
11.02.2020 Supreme Court declined to stay on the electoral bonds scheme View
11.02.2020 BJP Earned More Than Twice Its 5 Top Rivals Put Together In... View
11.02.2020 BJP earned more last year than all its rivals combined View
11.02.2020 Modi's party BJP earned S$456m last year, double than... View
11.02.2020 India’s New Electoral Bond Scheme Won’t Reduce Electoral... View
11.02.2020 Electoral Bonds: Supreme Court Refuses Stay On Scheme,... View
11.02.2020 Transparency Activists Lament SC's Refusal to Grant... View
11.02.2020 BJP earned ₹27.5L per hour in FY 2018-19 through electoral... View
11.02.2020 Won’t stay electoral bonds scheme even now: CJI View
11.02.2020 SC declines stay on electoral bonds scheme; BJP earned ₹14.... View
11.02.2020 All 12 legislators with criminal past elected to Haryana... View
11.02.2020 No Stay on Electoral Bonds for Delhi Polls, SC Gives Centre... View

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